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Piroto Labelling: our steps to sustainability

We can help you meet your environmental objectives by manufacturing your labels & tags using...

Teamwork: key to Piroto’s success

As Piroto Labelling’s fiftieth anniversary year draws to a close there is one final celebratory...

The benefits of LED curing in label printing

After rigorous testing by our technical team, we have made a significant investment to support...

Water washable v water dispersible labels

Many food manufacturers are turning to reusable packaging containers (RPCs) to transport ingredients

Piroto People – Louise Barge

When ‘Black Monday’ hit worldwide share prices, plunging the UK into economic chaos, very few...

Piroto People: Jonty Marsh

Jonty didn't see his career path leading to an office based job

Piroto People: Elaine Redding

Elaine joined Piroto in 2004, not long after Leigh Mann acquired the business

Piroto People: Dermot Cassidy

Dermot’s introduction to the world of work was no less than a baptism of fire

Piroto People: Andy Clarke

The story of Andy's career at Piroto has three distinct chapters

Raw material price inflation: how is it affecting you?

Whilst it's widely reported that price inflation is slowing, our reality is different