Traceability labels & tags

Work in Progress (WIP) tags: From goods-in through to despatch, traceability labels and tags form an important part of most manufacturers’ operations.

For the food sector, metal detectable tags are required to minimise food contamination. Plus specialist label materials that are heat resistant or chill/freeze resistant are available. That means traceability is never lost, whatever your operating conditions.

From simple colour-coded or day tags, to thermally printable outer case marker (OCM) labels, we can customise traceability labels and tags to your exact specification.

Barcode labels: Tags and labels printed using variable data codes like barcodes and QR codes are commonly used for traceability purposes. We can supply and support traceability tag printing solutions to allow you to overprint barcodes and other vital information in situ. This helps to reduce human error and speed up labelling.

Traceability labels & tags

Traceability labels and tags are used across many industry sectors to trace ingredients, parts or samples through a manufacturing or testing process. The food industry in particular uses different labels and tags as part of their traceability systems. For example:

Carcase tags: Also known as meat tags or abattoir tags, carcase tags are used to maintain traceability across the raw meat industry. Stringent labelling regulations apply to carcasses processed in the UK following the BSE crisis in the 90s.

To ensure you remain compliant, we use ISEGA food contact and BPA free materials for our customised carcase tags.

Allergen tags:  By law, allergens need to be clearly identified on consumer food labels. You can read UK Government guidance on food labelling, including allergen labelling, here. That means any potential allergens added as ingredients through the food manufacturing process need to be tracked to ensure the final pack label is correct.

We can customise metal detectable allergen loop and lock tags for thermal over-printing to fit your trays, cages and containers exactly. We also provide allergen tags with a simple tick-box system for smaller food processors.

traceability Labelling

Applications where traceability tags may be used

Tracing allergens

Metal detectable allergen tags can be used to trace allergens through every stage of the food production process to ensure complete traceability. Read how we helped a customer to pass their BRCGS audit with a tag and printer solution

Supply chain traceability

Carcase tags are used in the raw meat industry at the start of the supply chain to ensure that each species can be traced back to its origin. Read how we helped our meat processing customer improve their traceability with a customised tag.

Tracking test samples

Tracking medical samples is vital in the diagnostics arena; traceability labels with variable data codes play an important part. Read how, during the pandemic, we worked with a customer to develop a label to trace Covid 19 swab tests.

We can advise on the traceability labels & tags for your business