Laptops for schools

Your unused laptops could help local families

As 2020 ended and we all looked towards a brighter 2021, it was emerging that children in the UK were facing yet more disruption to their education.

Whilst for many families this meant a return to online lessons and homeschooling, for some it signalled the frustration of poor, or non-existent, internet connections, and sharing devices. At no other time has the divisive nature of the so-called, ‘digital divide’ been more in the spotlight.

But how could we help?

Employee scheme

As a family-run business, our thoughts turned to whether any of our team might need a laptop to support remote learning. A scheme was quickly put in place and staff were given a discreet route to request support towards online learning for their children.

We uncovered three unused laptops from the storeroom and prepared them for donation. This seemed like a small gesture though, so we decided to extend our support to our local community.

Local schools to benefit

Having purchased 20 new laptops, we contacted four local schools to arrange to make the donations. We were keen to give the laptops directly to teachers as they know which families will benefit the most.

It was that easy!

Could you do the same in your area?

We are not looking for adulation here; we would like our story to encourage our customers, suppliers, and partners to think about doing the same if you can.

It may seem that giving a few unused laptops to schools is a drop in the ocean given the current climate. If you can help make just one family’s life a little easier, isn’t it worth it?

Here is what one Head Teacher said:

I wanted to say a huge thank you for the donation of new laptops – I’m blown away by your generosity.
I will be loaning the laptops to families most in need to support their children learning remotely. This generous gift really will make life a little easier for some families.

Jamie Pardon, Head of Hartwell Primary School

Other ways to give a laptop

If you like the idea of giving your unused laptops to a local school but don’t have the time to organise them, the BBC have information about schemes near you that will take devices and put them to good use.