Even more reasons to use Piroto Labelling!

Find out what’s behind the campaign

In 2015 we launched our marketing campaign – 52,056 Reasons to use Piroto Labelling. At that time research showed us that, whilst customer satisfaction level was extremely high, our customers didn’t seem to know the extent of our labelling repertoire. Our food industry customers loved our traceability tags but weren’t aware we manufactured pack front and product labels too. Some customers used thousands of our distribution tags across multiple sites but didn’t realise we had the capability to print sophisticated variable data labels.

The 52,056 Reasons to use Piroto campaign highlighted the extent of labels and tags we could actually produce; the number being a calculation of the multitude of labels and tags we could produce given the numbers of cutters, inks, finishes, materials and formats at our disposal.

Four years on and not only have we got the message across, but the number of ‘reasons’ has increased significantly too! We’ve added over 300 new cutters of various shapes and sizes; often in a bid to improve the economy for our customers by getting more labels across on our new wider presses.

We have also added a number of new inks to our range, including an invisible UV fluorescent blue that glows when put under a UV light; used as a verification feature on security labels and tags.

As well as new inks, we have added specialist varnishes that give a high-quality finish and are especially good for pack front labels and bottle labels.

When it comes to label and tag materials, it’s all about sourcing the best material for the job. Our technical team look worldwide for the most appropriate label materials for our customers and ensure they are up to date with the best and most cost-effective materials on the market. It’s a process that sees the team constantly testing new label and tag materials and keeping in close contact with customers to get their feedback on the effectiveness of new labels.

We hope we’ve got the message across that we can customise almost any kind of label, tag, ticket, card or wristbands that our customers may want – because we really can!

If you’d like to talk through some of the options (we promise we won’t talk about all 56K plus possibilities!) then call our team for advice.