Superior metal detectable tag for audit-ready traceability

Superior metal detectable tag for audit-ready traceability

‘Robust traceability systems are vital for food manufacturers. Even small issues, like label waste material being present on tag rolls, can lead to contamination risk. Using superior tag manufacturing processes, and rigorously testing materials, can make a real difference to your traceability system.’   

The Customer

Our customer is part of a major food group; this particular site caters for the fresh prepared food to go category. The Group’s mission is to produce innovative food that offers consumers quality, choice, convenience and freshness.

Our customer manufactures short shelf life products, delivering them to the major British retailers every day. As such, Brand Recognition Compliance Global Standard (BRCGS) standard traceability throughout their operation is a high priority.

The Customer’s Challenge

Our customer was experiencing issues with their existing supplier of metal detectable traceability tags. It appeared that the waste material from the centre hole and shoulder of the tags was not being properly removed during the manufacturing process.

As a consequence, when the rolls of tags were being used on-site, the waste material was detaching from the trace tag and littering the factory floor, potentially causing a slip hazard.

It may have seemed like a minor issue, but one that posed an, unnecessary, contamination risk for the operation.

Our Approach

As a supplier of metal detectable traceability tags to other sites within the Group for many years, Piroto were called in to see if we could help solve the issue.

We were confident that we could resolve the label waste debris problem easily. At Piroto we use specialist machine tooling to ensure that tags are properly cut, plus a modern air eject and extraction systems that helps remove waste and debris during manufacture.

As a secondary quality assurance measure, we use inspection cameras mounted on our finishing and rewind machines. As the traceability tags are wound onto smaller rolls ready for use, the camera identifies if any waste material has not been removed from punch out areas. On the rare occasion any waste has remained in place, the operator is alerted and the waste can be removed.

After a successful trial of the metal detectable tag material on-site, a full-scale switch to the new tags took place.

What we delivered

We delivered top quality metal detectable traceability tags that were tested through the site’s various cooking applications.

The site reported that the traceability tags worked brilliantly, there were no non-conformance issues, plus there was no longer a contamination risk or slip hazard from tags waste materials.

The impact on the customer’s business

With our superior presses and finishing equipment Piroto was able to resolve issues highlighted by the customer quickly and easily. Specific benefits include:

  • metal detectable tags that performed through the various cooking processes on site, thus maintaining full traceability throughout
  • reducing the risk of tag waste contamination and helping to satisfy BRCGS and customer audit requirements for traceability
  • transparent pricing and value for money across the whole Group.