Why trade customers choose Piroto for complex custom labels

Chosen for our expertise, recommended for our integrity

We understand that trade partners are looking for a relationship with their provider based on trust. But trust isn’t always easy to identify at the outset of a relationship; it needs to be earned and built up over time.

At Piroto we work with a wide variety of trade partners. We work with print managers, label printer suppliers, packaging companies, paper and consumables companies, and even other label manufacturers.

Here are some of the key reasons our trade customers tell us they trust Piroto:

Expertise in complex custom labelling

You need only look at our Case Studies to find examples of how the Piroto team has worked with third party label suppliers to satisfy their customers’ label requirements. Whether working with digital label printers, consolidators and buying groups, or promotional companies, we have a reputation for being able to solve complex labelling issues.

We specialise in flexographic label and tag manufacturing and have in-line printing capability, meaning that complex requirements, like variable data labels and peel & reveal labels can be made with ease. We cater for special packing and shipping arrangements, including branded carton labels, stockholding and multiple delivery locations.

Read how our technical team went the extra mile to colour match a custom label to help a printer supplier win a lucrative order.


Complex custom label orders often come with tight deadlines. Perhaps your customer’s usual label supplier doesn’t have the capability or capacity to complete an order, and they have come to you for a solution? Or your customer is looking for a specialist tag design and material that will perform in difficult manufacturing environments and they need a reliable supplier.

Our technical and operations teams will do their utmost to accommodate your customers’ deadlines and help you meet their expectations.

Read how we manufactured promotional labels to an exact specification, within a tight timescale, to help ensure a promotion deadline was met.

Non-disclosure and integrity

Responsiveness isn’t always simply about the speed of delivery . It can also be about asking the right technical questions to ensure a full understanding of the label specification.

Our trade customers know when it’s advantageous for the Piroto technical team to speak directly to their end customer, and they trust us to act on their behalf. We take all our relationships very seriously; treating our trade customers as valuable partners.

We know too that sometimes the end customer’s identity can be extremely sensitive; we respect that, and will work with integrity and confidentiality at all times.

Trade customer support

It’s not always easy winning lucrative label orders, but we’ll do all we can to help our trade customers generate business. Whether that means customising labels to work perfectly with a certain printer set up or arranging a label material trial prior to order placement; we are happy to discuss all the options.

Read how we supported a fellow label converter by guaranteeing to meet a tight delivery deadline for a high volume barcode label order.

No quibble response to issues

Occasionally quality issues (QI) do happen. We always respond quickly to make things right for the end customer; and follow an extensive and transparent QI process to ensure that we learn from any issues and make sure they aren’t repeated.

We’d welcome a discussion about how we could work together.