Why raw meat processors choose Piroto for carcase tags

Top five reasons

The humble carcase tag may not be one of the most aesthetically pleasing labels that we manufacture at Piroto, but it’s one of the most important to the raw meat processing sector.

Choose the wrong carcase tag and you could suffer stock wastage, operational downtime and loss of traceability. Choose the right carcase tag and you’ll scarcely notice how well it’s working!

So what does the ‘right’ carcase tag look like? Here’s what our raw meat sector customers tell us is important when they are specifying their traceability tags:

Customised tags to fit your carcase type

Depending on the type, size and age of the animal carcasses that you work with, we can customise the best shape and size carcase tag for you. We’ll also discuss how and where you prefer to attach your tags so that we get the full picture.

Having a customised carcase tag, as opposed to an off-the-shelf tag, that simply works for you and meets stringent regulations, has been proven to save time and money.

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Raw meat industry expertise

Members of our technical and customer support teams have a wealth of experience in the food sector. Team members frequently visit abattoirs, raw meat cutting plants and wholesale butchers to keep up to date with best practise and take a keen interest in issues affecting customers’ businesses. This means they are well placed to provide excellent advice when specifying the right carcase tags for a specific operation and solving operational issues.

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Specialist carcase tag materials and inks

Most carcase tags are made from thermal materials so that traceability information can be over-printed in-situ using standalone thermal or direct thermal printers.

Carcase tags also need to perform in cold, damp environments so, to ensure they are robust, our technical team source and test the best label substrates and inks for the job.

We offer various tried and tested, ISEGA approved, tag materials and ensure we are abreast of new developments so customers can be assured that their carcase tags always perform well.

End to end label and tag solutions

As well as manufacturing carcase tags, Piroto can cater for the labelling requirements throughout your operation. From operational labels like delivery tags, weighing labels and warning labels, to customer-facing freezer labels, vac-pack labels and pack front labels – we can manufacture them all.

It helps to simplify your operation knowing that all your labels and tags can be sourced from us. We can even hold stock for you and help with stock management so you need never run out of labels again.

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Traceability experts

Food traceability, provenance and authenticity are hugely important to consumers; especially in light of food scandals hitting the raw meat industry.

Maintaining full traceability throughout the supply chain is a must. Piroto has extensive experience in developing traceability systems right across the food sector and will prove a useful ally in helping you navigate complex audits and regulations.

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If your carcase tags are giving you a headache, why not contact us to see how we can help?