Why healthcare customers choose Piroto for pharmaceutical labels

Sophisticated labels for complex specifications

The healthcare sector uses a huge range of pharmaceutical-grade labels. From simple thermal pharmacy labels and clinical waste self-tie tags to specialist braille labels for drug repackaging and sophisticated blinding labels for clinical trials.

Finding a pharmaceutical label supplier that is able to cater for all your requirements can be a daunting task. Specialist label substrates are often called for and consistency of supply is an imperative like in no other industry sector.

Our customers tell us that, whilst building trust with their label provider is vital, there are practical considerations to cover off too. Here’s what our health sector customers value:

Attention to detail, accuracy & quality checks

Displaying accurate information on drug labels is obviously vitally important; quality checks throughout the label production process are a must.

Whether it’s perfect colour matching to ensure the validity of an ongoing clinical trial, or barcode verification to ensure that 2d traceability codes are scanning correctly, we have scientific measuring tools to guarantee accuracy.

Where it’s important to maintain labelling consistency, we ensure that we use single material batches for the entire order; this attention to detail can make all the difference.

Watch our short video that demonstrates our colour matching technology

Technical expertise & specialist pharmaceutical labelling materials

Pharmaceutical labels can have complex specifications, so your label converter should have a technical team that is fully versed in those complexities.

For example, different tamper-proofing techniques are recommended for different applications, and a variety of labelling types, like flag labels and wraparound labels, are ideal for small test tubes and vials.  Various coloured blinding inks can be sourced and used for different purposes, as well as label substrates suitable for conversion to braille labels for example.

Our technical team engage fully with our customers and together they can create the perfect label specification for just about any health sector function.

Read how we stepped in to produce complex blister pack labels for a clinical trial when the existing supplier was unable to deliver.

Label and tag trials

The best way to ensure that your pharmaceutical labels and tags work with optimum efficiency is to set up a trial. At Piroto we routinely arrange customer trials for new labels and tags to ensure that they perform well in real-life, before manufacturing the first batch. We guarantee that we won’t make any changes to label materials, inks or adhesives without first testing them rigorously through the customer’s own processes.

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Full customisation, including presentation & packaging options

Pharmaceutical packaging and labelling are bound by layers of legislation, making compliance an important factor. Keeping up to date with every development can be daunting; having the support of a knowledgeable labelling technical team is vital.

To ensure that medical labels, and their constituent substrates, inks and adhesives, meet regulations, each specification is customised to meet customer needs. That includes label cores, outer packaging and labelling, and even delivery options.

Read how we developed a tamper seal to meet new Falsified Medicine Directive (FMD) regulations, EU 2016/161.

Transparent & audit-ready

Many companies and organisations in the healthcare sector, including the NHS, work on a system of preferred suppliers. It’s important that your label supplier is open and transparent in their dealings and willing to undergo rigorous audits.

At Piroto our door is always open to provide, Covid compliant, supplier visits or video conferencing to give our customers the confidence they need to work with us.

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If you’d like to talk to us about preferred supplier status, specialist tamper seals, complex clinical trial labels, Covid testing traceability labels, or indeed any other pharmaceutical labels and tags, please get in touch.