Why food manufacturers choose Piroto for traceability tags

Here’s what our customers tell us

Food safety, transparent provenance and clear traceability have never been so important for food manufacturers. As Brexit and Covid 19 collide, consumer confidence in the food supply chain needs to be robust.

As a key supplier of traceability labels and metal detectable tags, Piroto has the expertise to help implement and improve food traceability labelling across the spectrum of food manufacturing.

Here’s why customers choose Piroto;

Food traceability system knowledge

There isn’t much that our customer team members don’t know about food traceability and allergen identification systems. They have always taken a hands-on approach; visiting customers’ operations to get a full understanding of the environment and conditions that traceability labels need to endure.

Whilst much of our contact is necessarily by phone and video call at present, our expertise stands us in good stead to recommend the most appropriate trace labels or allergen tags for your job. The right traceability tag means smooth running systems, sewer line stoppages, better audit outcomes and enhanced consumer confidence.

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Technical expertise

Our technical team maintain an up-to-date knowledge of label material properties, adhesives, inks and label manufacturing techniques. Since we customise the vast majority of our traceability labels and tags, the team’s technical expertise is invaluable.

Our team readily test and trial labelling solutions directly with customers to ensure traceability tags meet the rigorous standards required by technical managers and BRCGS auditors across the food sector.

We can advise on environmentally friendly labels and tags; sourcing materials with green credentials to support your sustainability objectives.

End to end traceability solutions

Our experience in the food manufacturing sector extends beyond food traceability and work-in-progress (WIP) labels and tags. From goods-in labels to distribution and delivery tags we can customise labels and tags to support your unique operation from end to end.

Watch our short animation to identify five easy ways to improve your end to end traceability system.

We also manufacture beautifully designed pack-front labels and bottle labels for your end product. Plus on-pack promotional labels with variable data codes or peel and reveal features.

One-stop-shop for traceability tags and printers

We’ve worked with many customers to implement standalone label and tag printer solutions to quickly and easily enhance their traceability credentials. The beauty of thermal label and tag printers is that they don’t necessarily need to integrate with other IT systems or be supported by your IT department. Standalone printers are relatively inexpensive and can be simply installed, loaded with your product detail database and used by your operatives in situ.

The Piroto customer team will install your thermal printer, load the database and troubleshoot any issues. We can even provide replacement ribbons and cleaning kits to keep your printers up and running.

Our customer loves this simple solution and benefits from greater accuracy and measurable time saving by moving from handwritten traceability tags to printed tags.

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Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standard (BRCGS) approved operation

The Piroto manufacturing site is audited and accredited by the BRCGS for high hygiene risk. That means you can be confident that your labels and tags meet their high standards.

As standard, for example, your metal detectable tags and labels have plastic cores, metal detectable roll end labels and come packed in blue poly-bags.

We understand how important supplier audits are to food manufacturers and are constantly improving our operation in line with the BRCGS guidelines.