What customers want from a label supplier

In November 2021 we commissioned an independent study to improve our understanding of what label and tag purchasers want from a supplier, and how Piroto meets those needs.

Here’s what a group of existing customers told our researcher during a series of depth interviews.

Customer needs

Our customers identified a, surprisingly consistent, set of key elements that are common amongst good suppliers; label suppliers or otherwise.

  • Reliable and efficient
  • Proactive
  • Good communicators
  • Understand our business
  • Take the pressure off us
  • Give us the ‘personal touch’.

One customer summed it up:

‘Our best suppliers work as expert partners, taking the pressure off us and taking control of the process’.

Does this resonate with you, or do you think there is something missing from this list? We’d love to know what you think. Contact Andy at a.clarke@piroto-labelling.com to share your views.

The list didn’t seem like rocket science to us, given we have built a reputation based on all those factors. It was heartening to discover that our customer’s feel the same way too.

Piroto’s key strengths as a label supplier

Our research reported that satisfaction levels are high and that customers perceive Piroto as highly customer focussed.

Customer’s, unprompted by our researcher, attributed the following strengths to the Piroto team:

  • Reliable and efficient :
    • Delivering on time
    • Meticulous order processing
    • Stock controlling.
  • Proactive
    • Going ‘above and beyond’ requirements
  • Responsive
    • Quick to return calls and emails
  • Flexible
    • Agile and willing to fit around the customer’s needs
  • Good value
    • Not always the cheapest
    • Reasonably priced given the quality of products and service
  • Honest
    • Being open about issues and solving them

One customer commented:

Piroto works with us to solve problems’

and another

‘Piroto is very proactive when it comes to supply chain problems and good at keeping me informed’.

Nobody is perfect!

We don’t get it right all the time of course, and we gathered some useful feedback through the survey to guide us towards making improvements in our service and communication.

  • Complicated processes – since we customise all our labels and tags, it’s true that we do need a lot of detail to make sure your technical specification is spot on. We understand that this can be a bit overwhelming, especially for new personnel
  • Don’t share new innovations – one customer commented,

‘Piroto are the specialists in labels. They should be letting us know what is happening in that space and what the implications are for us’.

It has been a useful exercise to stand back from our business and see things afresh through our customers’ eyes.

We’d like to thank all our customers that took the time to get involved in our independent research. It takes us forward with a refreshed view and a determination to grow and improve the service we deliver to all our customers.