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sustainable labelling


We are certified to manufacture labels and tags using materials from sustainable sources, should our customers need them. This means customers can be confident that their label materials come from a genuinely sustainable source.

sustainable labelling

Recycled label materials

We have sourced high quality approved label substrates and tag materials with up to 100% recycled materials. Label backing paper which contains material from sustainable sources is also available.

sustainable labelling

Recyclable label materials

Recyclable label material can be matched to your product packaging to ensure overall recyclability is maintained for the consumer. We rigorously test all new materials to ensure they remain fully functional and fit for purpose.

sustainable labelling

Zero labels to landfill

To help meet our own environmental aspirations we have signed up of the British Printing Industry Federation waste management scheme; pledging to reduce the amount of label waste that ends up in landfill.

sustainable labelling

Recyclable packaging

We can supply recyclable cardboard label roll cores, or even trial coreless rolls to eliminate waste altogether. Outer cartons are, of course, recyclable cardboard and carton labels can be printed on recyclable paper too. Even the finer detail, like the humble roll end seal can support your green agenda.

sustainable labelling

Smart label design

We work with customers to reduce their carbon footprint by redesigning labels and tags to use less raw material. We can trial smaller labels to minimise waste and thinner caliper label substrates to reduce weight. Use our calculator below to optimise the number of labels on each roll.

Labels per roll calculator

1. Material
2. Core Size
3. Label Length (mm)
4. Printer maximum roll diameter* (mm)

Number of labels per roll:

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Piroto Labelling Solutions

The calculator will give you a good indication of the most efficient roll size you could be using for overprinted labels and tags. Maximising the number of labels per roll could save you money.

*Please check your printer manual for maximum diameter
Please contact our technical team before finalising your label order.

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