It’s all about you

Here are just some of the services we offer that make us easy to deal with

piroto labelling support

Scheduled deliveries

We’ll deliver your labels and tags when, where and how you want them. Talk to us about lead-times and special packaging requirements; we can handle most things.

piroto labelling support

Flexible order types

We can manage your stocks of labels and tags for you. We’ll manufacture and deliver the right quantities as and when you need them. Alternatively, you can choose to have your labels or tags delivered as a one-off bulk order if you prefer to control things yourself.

piroto labelling support

BRCGS approved high hygiene risk manufacturing standards

Rest assured we meet BRCGS standards for high hygiene risk. That means, for instance, your metal detectable tags have plastic cores, metal detectable roll end labels and come packed in blue poly-bags, all as standard.

Smart solutions & business improvement plans

We can help speed up your operation and iron out process niggles. We’ll work with you to develop practical solutions that decrease cost and improve efficiency. We always look at the total cost of the job the label is doing and not just the cost of the labels.

piroto labelling support

Bespoke label/tag design and trials

If you’ve got an issue that a label or tag can solve, talk to us. We’ll create something bespoke that solves your problem, working with you to implement it seamlessly.

piroto labelling support

A dedicated customer team that you can always get hold of

Your team will consist of an external area sales manager, an internal account manager and a technical area manager; empowered to get you what you need quickly.

We’d be happy to discuss your special service requirements