Royal Mail approved variable data returns labels

The easy way to manage product returns

If, as an online retailer or a supplier to the retail sector, you are in any doubt of the importance of having simple, slick returns procedures you’ll find plenty of statistics and articles that make the case. The ease of your products returns process is a vital part of your overall customer experience which, in turn, is a profit driver.  In a recent Royal Mail survey 60% of customers said that they were less likely to shop with the retailer after they had experienced a ‘difficult’ product return procedure.

Clearly, the returns policy you choose for your business is an important commercial decision; returns are a common occurrence in sectors like fashion retailing and can be a serious drain on resources. Product returns can also provide valuable interaction with your customer though and should be seen as an opportunity to deliver customer value.

So once you’ve settled on the right policy, how do you get your returns procedures right, and what part do the humble variable data returns label have to play?

The key is ease for your customer – the returns process should be as easy as the purchase process; this means giving customers choice and convenience. What could be simpler than including pre-paid, Royal Mail approved variable data return labels in each parcel?

Sure, getting the customer to print their own returns label might save you some money, but with a reported, 50-60% of us using mobile devices to purchase online,  some of your customers may not have a printer handy to produce their own returns label.  Even when customers are willing and able to print their own returns labels, important information, such as barcodes, may not reproduce well causing scanning difficulties and potential traceability problems. Self-printed returns label simply add another layer of complication for customers too.

By contrast, pre-printed adhesive returns labels with unique variable data barcodes are easy for customers to attach to their returns parcel, with less room for error. Using pre-printed returns labels allows each barcode to be scanned by Royal Mail to chargeback postage; unused codes are not charged.

Pre-printed shipping labels can be supplied as pre-cut singles or on a roll and are a simple way to manage product returns, for retailers and customers alike. They are often a less expensive option than complicated integrated label too.

If you are looking to improve your returns process and think variable data labels could be the answer, talk to our experienced team.