Rethinking promotional labelling post-Covid

Challenge us to get creative

If the business themes of 2020 were, building trust, listening, and adapting to what customers needed, so 2021 is about innovation and continuing to be creative.

There’s no doubt that the pandemic accelerated some trends, such as the move to online shopping, that will continue long after the virus is under control and we return to some kind of normality. According to a survey by McKinsey, this theme is already playing out in China, where 55% of consumers are intending to continue buying their groceries online.

It’s reported that many consumers feel uncomfortable returning to bricks and mortar stores and eateries, which is likely to consolidate the move to digital channels and heighten demand for delivery and click & collect services. In turn, this will bring businesses new opportunities and challenge them to rethink the point of sale marketing and promotional campaigns.

Here are just some of the ideas we’ve been discussing with our customers:

QR code labels to promote a competition

A customer who rapidly scaled up their click and collects service last year is now looking to entice customers back into their stores. They are planning a peel and reveal label that attaches to each package collected. The label contains a unique QR code, driving consumers to a website with a chance to win prizes. See how we manufacture peel and reveal labels containing unique variable data codes.

On-pack promotional labelling

one customer, who developed a successful takeaway and delivery option for beverages and baked goods during 2020, is convinced that this trend is here to stay. To cater for the shift, they have moved beyond the point of sale promotions and developed a promotional label designed to attach to take away containers, thus enticing consumers to repeat purchase and trade up.

Tamper evident seals

Food safety remains high on consumers’ agendas, and tamper seals are a great way to demonstrate the integrity of food products. Read our case study explaining why a customer developed a tamper-evident label to enhance their food delivery service in 2020, and how they have benefited.

 Authentication and branded pack labels

food quality and integrity are more important than ever to consumers. In order to maintain strong brand identity, many customers have used pack labels to convey their quality message. Rather than redesigning packaging, which can be costly and time-consuming, food manufacturers are developing sophisticated authentication labels or stand out pack labels to give reassurance to consumers post-Covid.

 Scratch cards and scratch off labels

where once customers used scratch card promotions at point of sales, now they are considering scratch-off labels attached to take away cartons. The labels elicit the same response as the scratch cards, but they are far more likely to end up in the hands of the consumer rather than going astray.

These are just a few examples of how we have been working, in collaboration with our customers, to help them adapt to the post-Covid environment.

Flexibility and adaptability have become the buzzwords for business survival. In such conditions, the humble promotional label can be used in new and innovative ways to meet consumer demands quickly and easily.

Why not challenge us to develop a promotional label to support your campaign?