Technical Resources – test page

Standard production tolerances

See below for our standard label & tag tolerances



Tolerance (mm)
Label size  

+/- 0.15

Inter label gap & internal cuts
Print to print (Colour to colour register) +/- 0.25
Print to die cut  




+/- 0.50

Perforation between labels (across & along web)
Front to back print & die cutting
Lineal slitting
Cut singles, print to die cut to sheet +/- 0.50

Should you have any queries relating to the manufacturing tolerances displayed above, please get in touch with our technical team.


Please download our certificates if you need them for compliance purposes:

BRCGS certificate 2023-2024

FSC® Chain of Custody Certification 2022-2025

Zero Labels to Landfill declaration

Zero Foil to Landfill declaration

Should you have any queries relating to our accreditation, please get in touch with our customer service team.

Labels per roll calculator

1. Material
2. Core Size
3. Label Length (mm)
4. Printer maximum roll diameter* (mm)

Number of labels per roll:

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Piroto Labelling Solutions

The calculator will give you a good indication of the most efficient roll size you could be using for overprinted labels and tags. Maximising the number of labels per roll could save you money.

*Please check your printer manual for maximum diameter
Please contact our technical team before finalising your label order.

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