Wristbands are usually associated with events and festivals, though they are also used as patient id bracelets in a medical setting or as a baggage check device at airports. Wristbands can be relatively simple in design or highly sophisticated with built in security features.

We make wristbands to your specification. The best wristband solutions will be customised to meet your exact requirements; these may include:

  • Adding variable data barcodes to ensure that your wristbands are secure and authentic
  • Tamper evident features which ensure that wristbands are non-transferable as an anti-fraud device
  • Thermal materials that can be overprinted with personalised information at the point of entry

Applications where wristbands may be used

Hospitals and medical settings

Patient wristbands are routinely used by hospitals to ensure that patients are easily and accurately identified throughout their stay at hospital

Events and festivals

High security wristbands with tamper evident features and barcodes or sequential numbering are used to prevent ticket fraud and act as an easy form of identification for event officials

Airport baggage checks

Wristband style tags can be attached to items of luggage to identify that bags have been checked by staff or that hand luggage is the correct size for the cabin

We can advise on the wristbands for your business