Water dispersible labels

Water dispersible labels

Water dispersible labels, also known as water soluble labels, dissolvable labels and soluble labels, are used in the food manufacturing and retailing sectors for labelling reusable trays and crates.

We make water dispersible labels to your specification. Depending on the purpose of your water dispersible label, it will be customised to meet your exact requirements; your specification may include:

  • Water dispersible labels made from thermal material designed to be overprinted by your direct thermal transfer printers
  • Customised sizes to fit the exact amount of information your label needs to convey
  • Customised shapes to ensure the perfect fit for your reusable containers and ease of removal for your operatives.

When to consider using water dispersible labels

Quick & easy to remove

Water dispersible labels are quick and easy to remove – no harsh chemicals are needed to remove dissolvable labels, just a blast of water, which means they are a quick, easy and safe labelling solution

Keep trays & containers clean

Water dispersible labels keep your trays and containers in better condition – no sticky label adhesive residue to remove means your reusable equipment lasts longer; saving you money too

Environmentally friendly

Water dispersible labels are environmentally friendly – labels are biodegradable meaning you can live up to your green credentials.

We can advise on the water dispersible labels for your business