Variable data labels

Variable data labels & tags

Variable data labels and tags are also known as barcode labels, traceability labels, authentication labels, consecutive numbered and sequentially numbered labels. They are commonly used across many industry sectors to keep track of goods and containers, and for product authentication and security. Each variable data label or tag contains an individual piece of data in the form of a 2D code, barcode or QR code that, when scanned, allows unique identification.

We make variable data labels and tags to your specification. The best variable data label and tag solutions will be customised to meet your exact requirements; these may include:

  • A QR code printed inside a peel and reveal label to add an element of surprise to your on-pack promotion or competition
  • Multiple codes on high frequency purchase products so the consumers get a variety of different messages when they repeat purchase
  • Sequentially numbered loyalty stamps, manufactured at high volume with sophisticated security features
  • Durable label materials that are laminated to produce robust LPN labels for repeated use
  • Pre-printed returns labels approved by Royal Mail to manage product returns.

Variable print labels and tags have a multitude of uses. Read our article on the uses of variable print labels to find out how they could benefit your business. 

Applications where variable data labels may be used

Food and non-food distribution

Licence Plate Number (LPN) labels can be printed with unique barcodes which attach to reusable containers to track them through the supply chain

On-pack promotions

Peel and reveal or booklet labels containing QR or alpha numeric codes can be attached to packs to lead customers to a unique landing page and website

Medical and hospital tests

Automated testing equipment, such as the Roche Cobas 6000 Analyser, can utilise barcoded labels to track patients’ blood and urine samples through the system and ensures complete traceability

We can advise on the variable data labels for your business