Traceability tag printing solution

Metal detectable traceability tags

Is your traceability process audit-ready?

If you are still handwriting your traceability tags and labels you may be leaving yourself open to audit non-conformance.

We have put together an affordable metal detectable tag and printer solution to take your work-in-progress traceability process to the next level. Specifically designed for food manufacturers, and with no tricky IT integration needed.

What’s included in your package?

  • A robust, metal cased standalone printer designed for life in an industrial food processing environment
  • Pre-programmed tag & label printing software capable of printing multiple data points, such as use by date, production date & time, from memory
  • 6,000 metal detectable tags for use in ambient, chilled, and frozen conditions
  • Four high quality wax resin thermal transfer printer ribbons, capable of printing up to 6, 000 metal detectable tags
  • USB memory stick with links to software and pre-loaded with your traceability tag format
  • One-hour online training and support; all you will need to get up and running.

Limited offer package price £895+VAT [subject to availability ]

 Why switch from handwritten labels & tags?

Operational efficiency

Printed metal detectable tags mean reduced errors, improved traceability and happy auditors

Saves time

You can print multiple traceability tags more quickly than handwriting, giving operatives more time for other tasks

Saves money

Better traceability means less product wastage and costly operational down-time

We can advise on tag and printer solutions for your business