Thermal tickets

Thermal tickets

Although many tickets for football matches, events and festival are now in electronic form, many organisers still use printed match day and event tickets. Souvenir thermal tickets are now popular for many special events and command a premium price. Highly secure thermal tickets with sophisticated designs and build in security features are also in demand to combat ticket fraud.

We make thermal tickets to your specification. The best ticket solutions will be customised to meet your exact requirements; these may include:

  • Thermal tickets delivered on rolls or in stacks to work seamlessly with your onsite thermal printer set up
  • Special security features, such as holographic strips or water marks, that are extremely difficult to replicate
  • Thermal materials so that tickets can be overprinted with relevant event information in advance.

Applications for thermal tickets

Football clubs

Thermal tickets can be pre-printed in full colour with terms and condition on the reverse ready to be over printed with match day details. You can read a case study on match day tickets here

Music festivals

High security tickets with barcodes or sequential numbering are used to prevent ticket fraud and ensure traceability of tickets from the point of purchase

Souvenir tickets & VIP passes

High quality, beautifully designed and printed tickets are used to add value to special events. Often provided as part of a high value VIP package, souvenir tickets can bring in extra revenue.

We can advise on the thermal tickets for your business