Thermal labels & tags

Thermal labels, tags and cards

Thermal labels and tags are also known as over printing labels, printable labels, thermal transfer labels, direct thermal labels, portable printer labels and Zebra labels. Thermal materials are also commonly used to produce tray cards, tray end cards and event tickets. Thermal labels, tags and cards are widely used in the food manufacturing and retail sectors wherever traceability information needs to be printed in-situ.

We make thermal labels, tags, tray cards and tickets to your specification. The best thermal label and tag solutions will be customised to meet your exact requirements; these may include:

  • Coated thermal materials used to manufacture robust and long lasting thermal labels including warehouse labels and LPN labels
  • Temperature resistant thermal materials that will withstand your cooking, freezing and food preparation processes
  • Direct thermal and thermal transfer materials, to suit the type of standalone printers you have in place

Are you are currently hand writing your traceability labels? We can install and maintain standalone portable printers and ribbons, along with thermal labels, for an easy, audit-ready traceability system.

If you’d like help choosing which thermal material is right for your application, please see our introductory guide or contact us

Applications where thermal labels & tags are used

Event tickets

High quality event tickets can be produced using thermal materials and overprinted with variable information using a portable printer on site

Product labels

Pre-printed pack front labels may be made from thermal materials and overprinted with time sensitive information, like sell-by and use-by dates, ready for food retail sales

Work in progress (wip) tags

To maintain full traceability of allergens, ingredients and finished products through the production process thermal tags are used to record batch codes, use by dates etc.

We can advise on the thermal labels & tags for your business