Test tube labels

Test tube labels

Test tube labels, also known as vial labels, pot labels, flag labels, syringe labels and wraparound labels, are used primarily in the pharmaceutical sector. Wherever a small, cylindrical container needs to be labelled, a test tube label is a great solution.

We make test tube labels to your specification. The perfect test tube label solution will be customised to meet your exact requirements; these may include:

  • Test tube labels made from materials that can be over printed or hand written
  • Flexible label face materials that will conform to even the smallest test tube, vial or container
  • Special adhesives that will guarantee adhesion on a curved surface.

To find out more about what you need to think about when specifying the perfect adhesive label read our handy guide.

Key considerations when specifying test tube label

Size and shape of your vessel

If your test tubes have a very small diameter we can use a thin, conformable label face material to create the perfect labelling solution

Amount of information to be conveyed

Where a large amount of information needs to be communicated on a small test tube or vial, a flag label or wraparound label may be the best solution

What is your test tube made of

Plasticisers present in plastic test tubes and containers can migrate into the label adhesive affecting adhesion; we can source special resistant adhesives.

We can advise on the test tube labels for your business