Scratch cards & labels

Scratch cards and labels

Scratch cards are a great way to run a lottery style game for large scale fund-raising programmes and promotions. Scratch cards in the form of scratch off labels can be used for on-pack promotions. Scratch off labels have a more serious use too and can aid product security, tamper prevention and authentication.

We manufacture high volume scratch cards and labels to your specification. The best scratch card and label solutions will be customised to meet your exact requirements; these may include:

  • Adding variable data barcodes or QR codes beneath the scratch off panel to provide product authentication
  • Various shapes and materials to suit the surface that your scratch off label will be applied to
  • Scratch cards on rolls for ease of storage and sales

If you’d like to know more about promotional scratch cards you can read a short case study here.

Applications for scratch cards & labels

Standalone promotions

Scratch cards can be used to support large scale fund-raising promotions, from football clubs to national charities. Designs can be sophisticated, and colour can even be printed on top of the scratch off panel

Product authentication

Scratch off labels, with unique codes printed under the scratch panel can be used to act as a security device and give consumers the confidence that they are buying a genuine product

Clinical trial blinding

Scratch off labels can be reverse printed and used to blackout certain information on drug packaging. This method is useful where the visibility of a brand or instructions could affect the efficacy of the trial

We can advise on the scratch cards & labels for your business