Promotional labels

Promotional labels

Promotional labels come in many different forms; peel and reveal labels with variable data codes, scratch off labels and loyalty scheme collection stamps, to name a few. Promotional labels are used widely in the retail trade to engage customers in competitions, offers and loyalty schemes, and to mark down prices and label sale items.

We make promotional labels to your specification. The best promotional label solutions will be customised to meet your exact requirements; these may include:

  • Adding variable data alpha numeric codes beneath the scratch off panel or peel and reveal section to provide a link to a promotional website
  • Various shapes, face materials and adhesives to suit the surface that your promotional label will be applied to and the label application method
  • High volume loyalty stamps with sophisticated finishes that customers will love to collect.

If you’d like to know more about how peel and reveal labels with variable data codes are manufactured, take a look at our short video.

Applications for promotional labels

Multi-channel promotions

Marketing services agencies often specify sophisticated promotional labels that may include a variable print code element that moves customers online to claim a prize or offer

On-pack promotions

Retailers make use of promotional labels to engage their customers in on-pack offers or voucher collection schemes using adhesive labels applied to existing packs. You can read a case study here

Loyalty and collection schemes

Despite the rise of digital loyalty schemes, stamp collection schemes remain a popular medium to encourage customers to repeat purchase in the retail sector

We can advise on the promotional labels for your business