Product labels

Product labels

Product labels, also known as pack front labels, food labels, nutritional labels and printed labels, are used widely in food and drink manufacturing and non-food manufacturing. Whenever information and strong brand recognition needs to be conveyed to the consumer a printed product label is likely to be used.

We make product labels to your specification. The best product label solution will be customised to meet your exact requirements; these may include:

  • Product labels printed in four colour process and colour matched to a delta e value of +/-two to match your brand exactly
  • Printable adhesives that allow product information to be printed on the reverse of the product label
  • High quality pack front labels including barcodes and other variable data

We operate flexographic printing presses giving our customers the flexibility to create virtually any type of product label. You can read why brand managers still love flexo, despite the rise of digital print.

Applications where product labels may be used

Craft breweries

Where brand representation is paramount and perfect adhesion in a damp environment is a must, printed bottle labels need to meet a complex set of specifications

Food manufacturers

Product labels may need to bear multilingual instructions, meet complex nutritional and allergen labelling regulations as well as representing the company brand values

Trade bodies

Where special labelling is needed to convey trust or authenticate a product’s provenance, printed labels ensure consumers instantly recognise the brand

We can advise on the product labels for your business