Portable printer labels

Portable printer labels

Portable printer labels, also known as small roll labels, handheld printer labels, desktop printer labels and Zebra labels, are used across many industry sectors. Commonly made from thermal materials, portable printer labels are often used in situations where unique data, such as a barcode, is used for traceability purposes.

We make portable printer labels to your specification. The best portable printer label solutions will be customised to meet your exact requirements; these may include:

  • Thin thermal materials to ensure that the maximum number of labels is presented on each roll
  • Narrow walled plastic cores, again to maximise labels per roll and minimise the number of roll changes needed
  • Roll end warning strips so the operative knows when the roll needs to be changed to make the process more efficient

When time is of the essence it’s important that roll changes are minimised. We can improve your efficiency by using thin plastic cores, and ensuring you have the maximum number of labels on each roll . If you’d like to know how to save money by maximising the number of portable printer labels on each roll, check out our handy calculator.

Portable printer label applications

Retail pricing

Pricing and mark down labels can be printed in a retail environment using a handheld printer and portable printer labels specially designed to fit the exact printer make and model

Healthcare setting

Portable printer labels can be used in a pharmacy or hospital setting to print patient information details that attach to files, sample test tubes and medication


To maintain full traceability of parts, ingredients and finished products through the manufacturing process, portable printer labels are used to display batch codes and other variable data

We can advise on the portable printer labels for your business