Pharmaceutical Labels

Pharmaceutical labels

Pharmaceutical labels have many different uses; blackout labels, booklet labels and braille labels can be attached to medicine packaging and are used to convey important information to patients. Specialist tamper seals, or tamper evident labels, and variable data labels are used to ensure the authenticity and traceability of medicines. Pharmaceutical labels such as test tube labels, flag labels and wraparound labels are used in clinical settings to trace samples through the laboratory.

We make pharmaceutical labels to your specification. The best pharmaceutical label solutions will be customised to meet your exact needs; these may include:

  • Blackout label materials that obliterate information to ensure the effectiveness of clinical trials
  • Customised labels of the correct size and shape to fit your test tubes, pots and vials exactly
  • Thermal materials that can be overprinted with traceability barcodes direct from your standalone printers

Applications where pharma labels may be used

Consumer protection

Authentication labels and tamper evident labels can be used to protect consumers against the threat of counterfeit medicines and ensure that packaging has not been tampered with.

Conveying information

Test tubes, vials and other small containers often need to bear lots of vital information; wraparound labels and flag labels can offer much-needed space to convey what’s important

Clinical trials

It’s vital that labelling is consistent across all medicines even in the most protracted clinical trials; we guarantee to use the same material and reproduce colours exactly every time.

We can advise on the pharmaceutical labels for your business