Pharmaceutical Labels

Pharmaceutical labels

Labels for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors have many different uses:

Tamper seals:

The introduction of the Falsified Medicine Directive supplement EU2016/161in 2019 brought tighter rules around medicine traceability. It also meant the introduction of tamper evident labels on medicine packaging. We can help you meet the regulations and ensure your labelling system is compliant.

Medicine pack labels:

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) approve all medicine packaging and labelling in the UK. You can read their detailed regulatory guidance here. We can manufacture pharmaceutical labels, booklet labels, peel and reveal labels and braille embossable labels to your exact specification.

If you are involved in medicine re-packaging, we are able to manufacture the right label for your needs.

Laboratory labels:

Lab labels often have to survive in harsh conditions whilst maintaining full traceability and integrity. Whether you need cryogenic labels, freeze resistant or heat resistant label materials and adhesives we have a solution.

As all our labels are customised we can manufacture test tube labels, vial labels and flag labels to work perfectly with your laboratory equipment.

We can add variable data, like sequential numbering, barcodes and QR codes so samples can be accurately traced.

Clinical trials labels:

We understand the need for absolute consistency when it comes to producing labels for clinical trials. We can source a wide variety of materials to match your containers. Therefore we’ll make the perfect black-out label that completely obliterates information on pill boxes and blister packs, vials, sprays and inhalers.

Applications where pharma labels may be used

Consumer protection

Authentication labels and tamper evident labels can be used to protect consumers against the threat of counterfeit medicines and ensure that packaging has not been tampered with. Read how we helped one customer meet the labelling regulations.

Conveying information

Test tubes, vials and other small containers often need to bear lots of vital information; wraparound labels and flag labels can offer much-needed space to convey what’s important. Read how we developed a booklet label in record time to save a trial.

Clinical trials

It’s vital that labelling is consistent across all medicines even in the most protracted clinical trials; we guarantee to use the same material and reproduce colours exactly every time. Read how we produced a complex six part label for a clinical trial.

We can advise on the pharmaceutical labels for your business