Peel & reveal labels

Peel & reveal labels

Peel and reveal labels, sometimes known as peel off labels or multi-layered labels, are used across several industry sectors. Peel and reveal labels are especially useful where a large amount of information needs to be conveyed in a relatively small space; they also add intrigue to on-pack promotions and competitions.

We make peel and reveal labels to your specification. The best peel and reveal label solutions will be customised to meet your exact requirements; these may include:

  • Adding a variable data code to the inside layer of the label to provide product authentication or a link to an offer or promotion
  • A deadened adhesive area of the peel and reveal label to ensure it peels easily and without fuss
  • Print-on adhesive to make full use of all three layers of labelling material where a lot of information needs to be conveyed

Take a look at our short video to see how we manufacture variable data peel and reveal labels.

Applications for peel & reveal labels

Pharmaceutical labelling

Peel and reveal booklet labels can be attached to drug packaging helping to convey a large amount of important information to patients; variable data codes can also be added for authentication purposes

On pack promotions

Peel and reveal labels provide intrigue and interest to retail promotions. They can also be designed as peel and keep labels where the top layer acts as a coupon or voucher

Cosmetic packaging

Tiny items of cosmetics, such as lipsticks and mascara, can benefit from peel and reveal labels to convey product information or variable data codes as part of a promotion

We can advise on the peel & reveal labels for your business