Metal detectable labels & tags

Metal detectable labels & tags

Metal detectable labels and metal detachable tags come in all sorts of forms; adhesive labels, loop and lock tags, self-tie tags, luggage tags, temperature resistant tags or ovenable tags, WIP labels and many more. Labels and tags made from metal detectable materials are predominantly used in the food manufacturing sector; they help food processors meet food safety requirements by ensuring the end product is not contaminated by fragments of labelling material during mixing, cooking, freezing or packaging.

We make metal detectable labels and tags, at our BRCGS accredited manufacturing site, to your specification. The best metal detectable tag solution will be customised to meet your exact requirements; these may include:

  • Allergen tags with an easy tick-box recording system that can be designed to fit your cages, food trays perfectly and help record allergens accurately throughout your operation
  • Temperature resistant materials that maintain their integrity through your cooking, freezing or preparation processes meaning information remains legible and traceability isn’t compromised
  • Thermal materials that can be overprinted through your thermal transfer or direct thermal printer to record batch codes, product details, use-by dates and other variable data
  • Uniquely numbered, consecutive numbered or barcoded tags to simplify traceability.

We deliver metal detectable tags with swarf free plastic cores, metal detectable roll end seals and packed in blue food grade bags perfect for food manufacturers, as standard.

We specialise in manufacturing metal detectable traceability tags and have access to superior ISEGA approved materials. Our detect-a-tag standard and detect-a-tag extra tag materials are specifically designed to be robust and not to delaminate during use.

Where to use metal detectable labels & tags

Processing area

Where ingredients are being mixed together, metal detectable tags can be used to record allergens as they are added

Cooking area

Ovenable, heat resistant metal detectable tags can be attached to wire oven trays to maintain traceability from low to high care areas

High care area

As your finished product enters high care, metal detectable labels and tags, showing batch codes and use by dates, complete the traceability process

We can advise on the metal detectable labels & tags for your business