Luggage tags

Luggage tags

Luggage tags, also known as self-tie tags, loop lock tags or loop tags, are used across many industry sectors for a multitude of purposes. Despite the name, they are not only used to identify luggage, they can be used to trace almost anything that has a handle to secure the tag onto!

We make luggage tags to your specification. The best luggage tags solutions will be customised to meet your exact requirements; these may include:

  • Customised shapes and sizes that lock the tag securely to the container or bag to ensure they stay in place
  • Pre-printed variable data barcodes so that tagged items can be traced
  • Thermal materials so that luggage tags can be overprinted or hand written

Applications where luggage tags may be used


Luggage tags are commonly used at airports by airlines and baggage handlers to identify bags and trace luggage through the airport and onwards to its destination

Raw meat industry

Customised luggage tags, often called carcase or meat tags, are used to trace meat through the supply chain. You can read about the importance of using the right tag for the job


Luggage tags are used in the food manufacturing sector where full traceability from field to fork is vitally important. In this environment metal detectable materials will be used to manufacture the tags

We can advise on the luggage tags for your business