Loyalty & reward stamps

Loyalty & reward stamps

Self-adhesive loyalty stamps, also known as reward stamps, bonus points, punkts, trading stamps, saver stamps, promotional stamps and loyalty stickers, are used worldwide by retailers to engage customers and encourage repeat purchase. Despite the rise of digital ‘stamps’, self-adhesive loyalty stamps still have their place in generating customer loyalty and enhancing customer experience.

We specialise in manufacturing high-volume, customised loyalty stamps to your clients’ exact specifications. We produce millions of loyalty stamps every year, each to a unique spec that may include:

  • Sequentially numbered loyalty stamps so you can keep full control over your clients’ loyalty programmes
  • Stamps presented on sheets or rolls in quantities that suit your client
  • No missing stamps, rolls or cartons so each one can be fully accounted for
  • High quality loyalty stamps with sophisticated finishes that match your clients’ brands exactly, and act as a deterrent to counterfeiting
  • Wet proofs or trial runs to ensure the brand and retailer is completely satisfied with the look and feel of the stamp
  • Customised delivery arrangements to support your logistical requirements
  • Fast turn round of top up orders, so when the promotion exceeds expectations, further stamps can be printed and delivered quickly.

Applications for loyalty and reward stamps

Multi-channel engagement

Combining traditional stamps and digital programmes to satisfy the emotional drive of physical collecting and the practicality of smart phone collections.

Brand licencing promotions

Collections stamps, produced to the highest standard to replicate the licensed brand exactly,  are used for short term promotions as well as long term partnership endorsement.

Loyalty and engagement schemes

Loyalty stamp collection schemes remain a popular medium to encourage customer engagement and promote repeat purchase in the retail sector.

We can advise on the loyalty & reward stamps for your business