Information booklet labels

Information booklet labels

Information booklets, also known as booklet labels, patient information booklets, peel and reveal labels and multi-page labels, are used across many sectors. They are particularly useful in the pharmaceutical sector where a large amount of information needs to be conveyed in a relatively small space.

We make information booklets to your specification. The perfect booklet label solution will be customised to meet your exact requirements; these may include:

  • Multi-page paper booklet labels that can be easily removed and retained by the consumer
  • Peel and reveal style labels where information can be printed on all three layers
  • Variable print options, such as 2D codes and QR codes, to lead consumers to further information.

If you’d like to know more about how peel and reveal labels with variable print QR codes are produced, please take a look at our video.

Applications where booklet labels may be used

Pharmaceutical labelling

Where a large amount of patient information is needed in a small space a booklet label is the perfect solution

Cosmetics & personal care product labelling

With ever increasing regulation and consumer demand for information, multi-page booklet labels and peel and reveal labels are a good option

Product promotions & competitions

Peel and reveal labels printed with variable data QR codes can generate consumer engagement and enhance your marketing campaigns.

We can advise on the information booklet labels for your business