Carcase tags

Carcase tags

Carcase tags

Carcase tags, also known as loop tags, abattoir tags, traceability tags, luggage tags and meat tags, are used in abattoirs and slaughter houses to ensure complete traceability of every carcase through the operation. All businesses handling meat must have a traceability system to ensure that meat sold to consumers can be traced back to the animal it came from.

We make carcase tags to your specification. The perfect carcase tag solution will be customised to meet your exact requirements; these may include:

  • Thermal materials so that your carcase tag can be overprinted using your own thermal transfer or direct thermal printers
  • Pre-printed with your company logo to promote your brand and authenticate your produce throughout the supply chain
  • Durable materials that will withstand abattoir conditions as well as contamination by fat and animal fluids.

The humble carcase tag may seem like an unimportant product but compromising on the quality of your tag could cost you dearly in operational downtime. We undertook a business case for a customer to quantify the consequences of using an inferior tag.

Three ways customised your carcase tags

Bespoke sizes

Carcase tags designed specifically to fit the type and breed of the animal being slaughtered are more likely to remain intact throughout the whole process

Anti-tear materials

Carcase tags made from robust materials that are less likely to tear, reduce tag wastage and ensure that traceability is not compromised

Specialist materials

Special thermal materials allow for over printing and ensure that vital traceability information remains legible throughout the whole process regardless of what contaminants they encounter.

We can advise on the carcase tags for your business