Braille labels

Braille labels

Braille labels are primarily used in the pharmaceutical sector to communicate important instructions and information on drug packaging to sight impaired customers.

We make braille labels to your specification. The perfect braille label solution will be customised to meet your exact requirements; these may include:

  • Braille labels made from a variety of specialist satin finish face materials to work with your existing drug packaging
  • Customised sizes to fit your existing drug packaging and containers exactly
  • A variety of presentation styles to ensure that the braille labels run through your embosser smoothly.

We are happy to consult on the exact requirements for your braille labels and arrange a visit, so we understand your processes fully.

Key material considerations for your braille label

Clear materials offer flexibility

If you have existing packaging already approved, a clear braille label can be added without affecting branding or requiring further approval

Blackout materials offer coverage

If you need to obliterate existing text, images or braille, a blackout material will give you guaranteed coverage

White face materials to match packaging

If you need to simply add a braille label to white packaging, a white braille material will do the job

We can advise on the braille labels for your business