Bottle labels

Bottle labels

Bottle labels, also known as beer labels and wine labels, are used widely in the drinks industry. Depending on the application, bottle labels may be applied to the front, back or neck of the bottle. Wraparound labels are popular in craft brewing as they convey all the information on one label.

We make bottle labels to your specification. The best bottle label solution will be customised to meet your exact requirements; these may include:

  • Synthetic label materials which perform well in the bottling environment
  • Special finishes, including surface varnishes, that give your bottle label a sophisticated look and feel so it stands out on the shelf
  • Customised shapes and sizes to fit your bottles perfectly and work seamlessly with your label application process.

Many small drinks producers may be using digitally printed labels and, whilst this has its advantages, it’s worth considering a move to flexographic printing. You can read about what flexo has to offer here to help you consider whether it’s time to make the move.

Why choose flexographic print for bottle labels?

Cost saving

Flexographic print is more economical for larger print runs, so it is worth considering if you are looking to grow your bottling operation. We can also hold stock for you if you don’t have space

Stock holding agreements

We can produce larger batches of bottle labels, so you get the price advantage, and hold stock for you. There’s no need to find space to store your bottle labels and there’ll always be a ready supply

Superior label finishes

Using flexographic print processes opens a whole variety of labels substrates and specialist finishes that will give your bottle label exactly the brand appeal you are looking for.

We can advise on the bottle labels for your business