Blackout labels

Blackout labels

Blackout labels, also known as blockout labels or blinding labels, are used primarily in the pharmaceutical sector to cover up information on drug packaging. We use a special opaque adhesive for blackout labels to guarantee coverage of existing text or images.

We make blackout labels to your specification. The perfect blackout label solution will be customised to meet your exact requirements; these may include:

  • Meeting exact size requirements – from covering a tiny section of text to the full side of a carton
  • Thermal transfer face materials so that labels can be easily overprinted with replacement text
  • Different coloured blackout adhesives to provide guaranteed coverage whilst not affecting the label face design.

Where blackout labels are used for clinical trials we will guarantee consistency of label material and adhesives to ensure integrity is maintained, however long the trial lasts.

Applications where blackout labels may be used

Clinical trial labelling

Where outcomes may be influenced by the visual identity of drug packaging blackout labels can be used to anonymise packaging and thus maintain trial integrity

Food and non-food manufacturing

Typographic mistakes sometimes happen on printed packaging, and can be more easily and cheaply rectified by covering the error with a blackout label

Retail labelling

Goods can be repriced, and foreign language text replaced using blackout labels rather than going to the expense of producing multiple versions of the packaging.

We can advise on the blackout labels for your business