Pre-printed variable data barcode labels could save you money

How do you print yours?

If you currently overprint your own sequential barcode labels in-house for picking and traceability purposes, you could be saving money by having your variable data labels pre-printed.

Here’s how:

Saving your print operative time

Most sequential barcode printers, using a four-inch roll width, run at an average of eight inches per second. That means that each roll of labels takes your print operative about 16 minutes to oversee. When you add in time to change each label roll, re-wind the rolls, change the printer ribbons etc., that’s likely to add up to a couple of hours of unproductive time per day just to produce sequential barcode labelling.

Our on-press variable barcode printers run really fast; at full width, they print effectively 21 times faster than conventional thermal transfer printers!

By having your barcode labels pre-printed the time spend on overprinting labels in-house can be used more productively.

Saving on material and peripheral costs

In addition to the cost of your print operative and cost of the plain labels, ‘hidden’ costs such as printer ribbons, printhead wear and tear, and maintenance, all add to the real cost of overprinting your own barcode labels.

Did you know that the ink we use in our inkjet variable data printers is about a quarter of the price of the thermal transfer ribbon that you will be using to overprint your barcodes? The print quality is better too!

Simplifying your processes

Reduce worries about barcodes print quality causing operational stoppages, printer break down and the like; simply specify and order your sequential barcode labels and call them off as and when you need them.

There seems to be an increasing trend towards pre-printed barcode labels as customers see regular cost reductions and improvements in quality. They report that the biggest benefits have come from freeing up their printer operative’s time to undertake more productive tasks.

If you are overprinting in-house to achieve a simple sequential barcode it is likely to be much more efficient and cost-effective to have it pre-printed. Talk to us and we’ll help you calculate what you could save.