Piroto’s sustainability journey

We are committed to a policy of ongoing care for our planet. That means we will take our environmental impact into account in everything that we do as a Company.

We have set out a phased environmental policy project plan, taking us to 2025 and beyond. Here are some of the key projects that have been completed, or are underway, in phase 1:

Energy saving

We have already made energy savings by switching our lighting to LED and fitting thermal double-glazed windows throughout our premises. We are replacing company cars with hybrid or fully electric models, and have installed charging points in our car park.

We are also exploring the green credentials of our logistics partners to ensure energy efficiency, as well as service levels, is taken into account when new contracts are negotiated.

Sustainable sources

We have made some quick changes internally, like switching to recycled paper letter head, and toilet rolls from sustainable sources. Our admin team will explore each internal purchase and move to a more environmentally friendly product wherever they can.

Our customers can also be confident that we will aim to offer label and tag materials that have the very best sustainable credentials. We can source certified materials from sustainable sources, as well as face and backing materials containing recycled content.

Where customers are moving from an existing label substrate to a new sustainable raw material, we offer trials. This gives customers the opportunity to rigorously test the finished product to ensure it works just as well as the original.

Minimising waste

Our customer team will routinely talk to customers about the size, design and usage of their labels and tags, with the aim of minimising waste. This could be through changing the design or process to reduce product wastage. Even a small change, like ensuring you use the maximum number of labels on a roll that your over-printer can accommodate, can reduce the number of label cores you use. Use our calculator to check if you could minimise waste by maximising the number of labels per roll.

Our technical team can also suggest ways to optimise the label design to reduce production waste. Such changes will always be done in consultation with our customers and may result in a cost reduction too!

Read how a collaborative sustainability project with one customer led to a 25% reduction in the use of raw material, with no negative impact on tag quality.

As a business, we have been part of the Zero labels 2 landfill scheme since 2017 and will continue to improve our record of waste minimisation through the coming years.

This is just a taste of some of the continuous improvements that we are making in our business, and in collaboration with our customers. If you’d like to know more about the sustainable label and tag materials we have to offer, please get in touch.