Piroto People: Jonty Marsh

Jonty Marsh
Jonty Marsh, Piroto Labelling

It’s fair to say that Jonty didn’t see his career path leading him into an office based job, but since joining Piroto in 2021 at just 17, he hasn’t looked back.

Having decided that college wasn’t for him, Jonty took some time out to explore opportunities that would meet his ambition and suit his hands-on learning style. When he saw an opening to join a  customer service practitioner apprenticeship scheme at Piroto, he decided to take the plunge. Following an interview with Sales Office Manager, Helen Bettles and Customer Service Manager, Elaine Redding an offer was made which Jonty had no hesitation in accepting.

Jonty fitted into the customer service team straight away, eager to learn and able to have a laugh and a joke with his colleagues too. Jonty said ‘I felt part of the team straight away. Even Leigh, the MD, is approachable and it’s a genuinely great place to work.’

The apprenticeship suited Jonty; learning on-the-job and embedding his learning through assignments and discussions. He also got to experience other areas of the business, including sales and finance, offering him a great all-round understanding of the business.

In recognition of Jonty’s contribution to Piroto, even in the short time that he had been part of the team, Helen, his manager, nominated him for an award. To Jonty’s great surprise, in 2022 he was awarded the British Printing Industries Federation Victor Watson Trophy. The award recognises outstanding achievement by young people in the print industry. What a brilliant way to start your career.

After completing a rigorous ‘showcase’ of his 12 months at Piroto, Jonty passed his apprenticeship in February 2023. He was awarded a Level 2 Distinction, the highest grade he could have achieved!

The customer service team were understandably keen to keep Jonty, and he was offered the position of Customer Service Co-Ordinator in March 2023. His duties now include covering for his colleagues in the customer service and origination team, while supporting the technical and sales teams with sample requests. Jonty also has responsibility for calculating label material usage to satisfy reporting requirements for the Plastic Packaging Tax.

It’s clear that Jonty has a great career ahead of him at Piroto and has earnt his place in the team. He said ‘ I never saw myself working in an office. But having found Piroto, I wouldn’t change it for anything.’

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