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Poor allergen identification: risks and solutions

Product recalls and allergen mislabelling incidents are never far from the news; meaning that consumers are fully aware of the, potentially tragic, effects that common ingredients like nuts and seeds can have. Browse the Food Standards Agency website and you’ll find that product recalls caused by undeclared or poorly labelled...

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How to optimise the performance of your traceability tag

Traceability tags or loop lock tags are used across many industry sectors to trace raw ingredients, parts and finished product through a production process or, as in the case of a delivery tag, to a final destination.

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Colour matching

How to colour match your labels & tags and why it’s important

Talk to any marketer or brand manager and they’ll tell you that a perfect colour match on product pack front labels is vitally important. Consistency is king in branding and especially where products sit next to one another on supermarket shelves, it’s vital that any perceptible colour variations are avoided.

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Is it time to rethink your barcode labels?

Often companies have used the same size label format and barcode size for years; it’s probably reached a point where no one actually knows why the decision was made in the first place! Truth is, although barcode scanners and thermal overprinting technology has improved immeasurably over the years it has,...

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Pre-printed variable data barcode labels could save you money

If you currently overprint your own sequential barcode labels in-house for picking and traceability purposes, you could be saving money by having your variable data labels pre-printed.

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Royal mail approved returns label

Royal Mail approved variable data returns labels

If, as an online retailer or a supplier to the retail sector, you are in any doubt of the importance of having a simple, slick returns procedures you’ll find plenty of statistics and articles that make the case.

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Five ways to improve your traceability labelling

Maintaining audit-ready traceability of ingredients, allergens and finished products throughout your operation means having the right traceability labels and tags from goods in to despatch.

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Top ways to use variable data labels

Variable data labels, each containing an individual piece of data, are used widely to track raw materials and finished goods, identify and authenticate products, provide consumers with additional information and promotions, and much more.

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Five important considerations when specifying variable data labels

Variable data labels and tags are used widely across many industry sectors primarily to track and trace goods, parcels and reusable containers and, increasingly, for product authentication and consumer promotions. Each unique piece of variable data can be printed in the form of a 2d code, barcode, QR code or...

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Co-creating the perfect pallet label

We were delighted to appear in a recent edition of Inbusiness magazine with this story about a local collaboration which resulted in the development of the perfect pallet label.

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