Improving our record of label waste sent to landfill

Zero labels 2 landfill

Back in 2017, Piroto signed up to the British Printing Industry Federation (BPIF) sponsored waste management scheme – Zero Labels 2 Landfill; pledging to reduce the quantity of label waste that ends up in a landfill.

It is estimated that in the region of 120,000 tonnes of waste associated with the manufacture of adhesive labels and tags goes into landfill in the UK each year, even though some could be recycled. In the first four years of the scheme, an impressive 47,496 tonnes of label waste has been diverted from landfill.

The label manufacturing process produces a wide variety of waste products from matrix waste or ‘trim’ to glassine label backing paper and foil waste on label cores. As an industry we have a collective responsibility and, as a company, we are keen to play our part in reducing the quantity of label waste that goes to landfill.

In 2018 Piroto sent 176 tonnes of label waste material through the Zero Labels 2 Landfill scheme via Prism Environmental, all of which would have previously been sent to landfill.

We have also helped many customers to reduce their environmental impact by improving label design, exploring alternative materials and reviewing the size of labels.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help you improve the green credentials of your labels and tags please give us a call.