Five reasons to choose Piroto for high volume loyalty & reward stamps

Why experience counts!

Are loyalty stamps still valid in today’s digital world?

Whether you are developing a long term loyalty programme for your client or managing a short-term consumer promotion, traditional collectable reward stamps still have a part to play.

Whilst many, prematurely,  predicted the death of physical loyalty stamps once digital stamps took off, retailers worldwide are still embracing reward stamps as part of multi-channel campaigns. It appears there is still an emotional drive for collecting physical loyalty stamps; especially when they work alongside the practicality of smartphone stamps.

Important considerations when choosing your loyalty stamps provider

Loyalty and reward stamps are a small, but crucial, element in the overall development of a successful customer engagement campaign. It’s important to choose a manufacturing partner that you can trust, not only to produce your high volume stamps correctly but also to get the timing and logistics just right.

Here are some of the key considerations when working with a loyalty stamp manufacturer:

Capability and capacity

Each year we produce literally millions of loyalty stamps to support top brand reward schemes and promotions worldwide via our marketing services and loyalty customers. Our expertise in manufacturing high volume stamps allows us to tailor our services to meet your clients’ needs exactly.

Come and visit our factory and see how our operation is designed to support your business requirements.

Quality & accuracy

We work alongside our loyalty and reward customers to deliver high-quality loyalty stamps with superior finishes. We can match your clients’ brands exactly and those of their licensing partner too. By adding sequential numbering and sophisticated security features to your stamps we can help you minimise the threat of counterfeiting.

We quality check your order to ensure there are no missing stamps, rolls or cartons; each and everyone can be accounted for.


If you need customised presentation and packaging we will deliver your stamps on sheets or in rolls, bagged in set amounts and packed into dispenser cartons that suit you.

Outer carton labels will be developed to meet your specification too and can bear your own brand as well as traceability information.

Personalised delivery arrangements will ensure your logistical requirements are met and that promotion launch deadlines are adhered to.


We know that your clients are counting on you, so we’ll provide wet proofs or trial runs to ensure that you, your brand and the retailer are all completely satisfied with the loyalty stamp look and feel before it’s printed.


When it matters most, such as a situation where you need a top-up order of stamps in a hurry because a promotion has exceeded expectations, we’ll print and deliver your order fast.

Whether you are running multi-channel engagement schemes, long term loyalty programmes or short term sales promotions for your clients,  we have the experience and expertise to develop and deliver your high volume loyalty and reward stamps. Call Andy Clarke or a member of his team to find out how we can help.