Could a stockholding arrangement help your operation run more smoothly?

Let us make your life easier

Reflecting on 2020: making our customers’ lives easier

Like many businesses across the world, the Piroto strategic management team took time out to reflect on the last 12 months. Like everyone, we’ve faced many challenges, and successes too.

In a year of uncertainty fuelled by Brexit and Covid, our vision remained strong – to make customers’ lives easier. We’ve worked more closely than ever with our customers and together have learnt a lot.

One trend we believe will continue, is the rise in the number of customers looking for the stability of supply for their labels and tags in the form of a stockholding arrangement. Customers value a collaborative relationship and the ability to work with Piroto to ensure continuity of supply.

The role of labels & tags in your operation

Often the humble traceability tag or barcode label is forgotten in the production process. Labels may not appear to be a vital component in a vast food manufacturing operation, but they can wreak havoc if they are absent.

Operations and technical managers have plenty to focus on, so our aim is to take the strain when it comes to ordering operational labels and tags.

Could a stockholding arrangement make your life easier and help your operation run more smoothly?

Stockholding: the benefits

The beauty of a stockholding agreement is that there are benefits to be gained on both sides. Having a rough idea about when our customers will need their next batch of labels and tags allows us to plan better; we can buy raw material and allocate press time more efficiently. In turn, those advantages benefit customers too:

  • Peace of mind that you won’t run out of labels or tags – whether you secure a new retail order and need product labels in a hurry, or demand has picked up and you need a new supply of distribution tags, a stockholding agreement will help smooth out the ‘peaks’ so you can keep your operation running efficiently
  • Flexibility – perhaps one line is selling better than expected, and one less so; with a stockholding agreement you have the flexibility to switch your next scheduled order to whichever specification you need
  • Space-saving – we can store your manufactured labels and tags and deliver them to you just as you need them, saving you the hassle
  • Economies – stockholding agreements help us to better plan our production and raw material purchasing. Savings achieved through bulk purchase and volume production can benefit our customers too
  • One less thing on your to-do list – we can manage your stock levels and send timely reminders when we estimate you may need to order more labels and tags. A quick call from your dedicated customer service manager will save you from one more worry.

Stockholding: how it works

Far from being a contract that customers are locked into, a stockholding agreement is based on collaboration and communication between Piroto and our customers.

Step 1:

Together we develop a label or tag specification, customised to meet your exact requirements. This includes a discussion about likely usage levels and re-order frequency

Step 2 :

We manufacture, deliver and invoice your first agreed order quantity

Step 3:

Your dedicated customer service manager contacts you in advance of your second, and subsequent, order date to discuss your requirements. You have the flexibility to change your order quantity and delivery date and tweak your specification before we manufacture your next batch.

If you think a stockholding arrangement would benefit your business, we’d love to hear from you.