Celebrating 50 years of labels and labelling

This year, 2023, we are proud to be celebrating 50 years in business. From humble beginnings selling hand-held pricing guns and pricing labels back in the 70s, Piroto now manufactures millions of customised labels and tags for customers each year.

You can read the fascinating story of Piroto’s ups and downs over the last 50 years and the events that shaped the company that we are today. Like our collaboration with the Meat & Livestock Commission during the 90s when BSE or, so called mad cow disease, was decimating British livestock herds. The development of our revolutionary carcase tag meant that animals could be traced from farm to fork. The new traceability system that we played a part in developing, ultimately helped restore the reputation of British beef.

Piroto also perfected the manufacture of metal detectable tags in the late 90s. The new design was hailed as a breakthrough in food safety by the food industry trade press and cemented our reputation for labelling design innovation.

Though Piroto’s roots remained firmly in supplying the food industry, a major customer win in 2001 secured our position in the pharmaceutical labelling arena. This also led us into European markets which proved strategically important when recession hit at the end of the decade.

New innovations in labelling such as water dispersible labels, peel & reveal labels with print-on adhesive, and tamper evident labels have kept Piroto in the forefront of the industry over the decades. We believe our commitment to helping our customers meet their environmental objectives, as well as our ability to innovate, will take us forward into the future.

Piroto’s current Managing Director, Leigh Mann, puts much of our success down to continued investment in the business, plus the retained knowledge and expertise of the team. Collectively our team has 401 years of service with Piroto and are expert in solving our customers’ labelling challenges.

We think you’ll recognise Piroto’s ethos and values in our story of the last 50 years, and we hope you’ll join us in celebrating what’s to come.