Technical team go the extra mile for perfect label colour match

Technical team go the extra mile for perfect label colour match

‘The simplest looking labels can sometimes turn out to have the most demanding specifications. Whether working direct or in partnerships with a trade customer, when it comes to matching an end users exact requirement, we will go the extra mile to produce exactly what is needed to satisfy even the most exacting client.’

The Customer

Our customer supplies barcode and labelling printing solutions, label applicators, print and apply systems and barcode verifiers to businesses across the UK. They pride themselves on being a single source for all things barcode and labelling related.

To help them deliver on their promise of an end-to-end service for their clients, they work closely with Piroto when a complex customised labelling solution is demanded by the end user.

The Customer’s Challenge

As part of a significant order for their client, our customer needed to source a seemingly simple rectangular, self-adhesive ‘pink’ label. However producing the label proved a challenge that no other label printer appeared to be able to take on.

The adhesive inventory label had a number of requirements which together, made the specification complex. First, it was to be used in a food environment and therefore needed to be metal detectable and made from a synthetic material to withstand the production process. Second, it needed to be a specific shade of pink!

Our Approach

The Piroto technical team were faced with the challenge of incorporating all the label requirements and, importantly, producing an accurate colour match.

This meant first identifying the colour and converting the digital Pantone reference so that it would print accuracy on our flexographic printing presses.

What we delivered

After researching the colour and identifying it as Pantone 18-2120 ‘honeysuckle’ the technical team was able make the conversion and liaise with the operations team to ensure the colour was recreated.

Using camera verification on the press the operations team guaranteed an accurate colour match throughout the entire print run. They delivered metal detectable, adhesive labels to the exact colour specification set by the end client.

The impact on the customer’s business

By working with Piroto who are known for expertise in meeting tricky specifications, our trade customer was able to meet the needs of their client perfectly. They specifically benefited from:

  • winning a lucrative contract for multiple products and services
  • providing an unmatchable package for their client, including customised labels that could not be produced elsewhere, so building a valuable relationship
  • working closely with Piroto and using our expertise and service to help win business together
  • Piroto’s commitment to go out of our way to help trade customers win business.