Speedy response wins business for trade customer

Speedy response wins business for trade customer

‘We develop long-term, supportive partnerships with our trade customers. Sometimes this means taking a risk to support our trade partners even without the promise of a label order. We believe that acting with integrity will ultimately bring us success, and this case study demonstrates just that.’

The Customer

Our trade customer is a leading supplier of barcode and label printers. They work across multiple sectors, including retail, where they aim to improve processes at every point in the retail supply chain. Their name is synonymous with quality and innovation and their products backed by high service levels.

Together we have developed labels that work perfectly with our customer’s printers and pride ourselves on the support we offer to help them win and retain business.

The Customer’s Challenge

Our trade partners had an opportunity to supply a large number of in-store pricing printers into a retail client. They needed a small quantity of pricing labels to help demonstrate their equipment and prove the concept to their retail client.

In the first instance they contacted the retailer’s current label provider. Unfortunately, whilst the label supplier could provide the necessary labels, the lead-time they quoted was several weeks.

This left our customer with a dilemma and the very real possibility of failing to secure a lucrative printer order without the necessary labels to support the demonstration. They approached Piroto for help.

Our Approach

Our partnership with trade suppliers is based on long term support and we wanted therefore to make sure our partner did not miss out on the opportunity to sell their printers.

Despite being told that it was unlikely that Piroto would secure label business from the retailer, we set about making the sample labels to support the printer trial. We had the labels ready in around 4 days.

The retailer was very impressed with the speed of response from both parties and agreed to move onto the next phase of the trial – an in-store pilot. At this point the retailer again approached their existing label provider to produce a larger quantity of labels for the test.

Without hesitation our technical team provided the artwork and a detailed specification of the labels to the exiting supplier so they could produce the next batch. However, our customer and the retailer were disappointed to find that the existing supplier once more could not meet their time scales.

What we delivered

Since the existing label supplier was unable to support the extended pilot our partner, once again, asked if we could step in; within a week we manufactured and delivered the labels needed.

The pilot ran smoothly and we were pleased to hear that our partner secured a substantial order for their printers. We were also delighted to learn that the retailer was impressed with the overall package and, on the back of our quick turnaround time and quality of the labels, was considering placing an order for the on-going supply of labels too.

We put together a competitive offer in conjunction with our partner, and were thrilled when the retailer chose to place a label order as part of the printer package.

The impact on the customer’s business

Through supporting our trade partner we not only helped them win the business for printers but secured a label order too. By working in partnership with Piroto our trade customer has benefited from:

  • gaining a substantial order for printers and labels
  • developing a strong relationship with their new client by meeting their timescales for trialling their printers and labels
  • strengthening their relationship with Piroto and demonstrating the advantages of working in close collaboration to win business jointly.