Portable printer labels on small rolls strengthen trade relationship

Customised portable printer labels on small rolls strengthen trade relationship

‘When the end customer has a very specific requirement, such as portable printer labels on small rolls, it’s important to trial labels fully before a bulk manufacture. Piroto are committed to ensuring that trade customers get exactly what their clients need’‘

Small rolls of portable printer labels


Our customer is a leading supplier of barcode and RFID traceability solutions across many industry sectors. They work with all the major barcode label printer manufacturers, supplying barcode scanners, handheld and desktop label printers, and mobile computers.

Our customer delivers end-to-end solutions for their clients; providing full printer packages, including customised labels and tags.


Our customer was working with an end-user in the distribution industry who needed to overhaul their working methods. The distributor added portable hand-held labels printers, alongside existing desktop printers, to improve the efficiency to their operation.  The additional hardware necessitated a change in label format too.

The new labels required to accommodate the portable label printers needed to be presented on small rolls. Many label manufacturers are not set up to print the small label rolls needed for portable printers, so our customer sought out Piroto who have the capability and expertise needed.


The Piroto team has many years of experience in manufacturing barcode labels on small rolls; specifically for hand-held and portable barcode printers. Once we had the full printer specification from our customer, we customised the labels to the end-user’s needs.

Since our customer was providing the printers, and labels, to the end user, it was essential that the labels were fully trialled before manufacturing the full quantity. We therefore produced a small batch of labels that were thoroughly tested in our customer’s, and the end-user’s, operation.

Once our customer, and their client, were confident that the labels would do the job, a full manufacture was undertaken.


We manufactured the customer’s labels to their exact specification; printing two colour on a thermal coated material with a permanent adhesive. To accommodate the relatively large distribution labels, each roll held 125 labels, creating a roll diameter of just 68mm.

The label rolls were rewound onto full-width cardboard cores to ensure that they would feed through the portable printers without difficulty.


With our expertise in portable printer labels, capability to manufacturer small rolls, and willingness to invest in a customer trial, our trade customer was confident in the end result. Specific benefits to the customer include:

  • portable printer labels that met the end-user’s needs perfectly
  • a thorough label trial to ensure the final small roll labels worked perfectly with the printers provided by the customer to their client
  • Piroto’s commitment to develop strong relationships with trade customers built on trust
  • working closely with Piroto, and using our expertise to provide the best portable printer label for the job
  • fulfilling their need to provide a seamless label and printer package to their client.