Perfect peel and reveal label supports luxury yogurt brand

Perfect peel and reveal label supports luxury yoghurt brand

‘Luxury brands need sophisticated, high-quality labels. It’s important that operational aspects, like machine application, are also considered. The perfect peel and reveal label has to look great and work perfectly too.’

Peel & reveal pack front label


Our customer, Ann Forshaw’s Alston Dairy, produces delicious traditional yogurts from their own herd of British Friesians. Based on their Lancashire Farm, this family run business prides itself on using only the freshest milk. So fresh in fact, that they can claim their milk travels from cow to pot in 24 hours!

Our customer supplies a range of yogurts to many main supermarkets and retailers, including their luxury yogurt flavours beautifully presented in glass jars.


Our customer’s range of luxury yogurts are superbly packaged and need a high-quality label to ensure that the brand lives up to every aspect of consumer expectation.

Unfortunately, Ann Forshaw’s existing label supplier was having difficulties, leaving the company in need of a trustworthy label manufacturer to fulfil their label specification.

The label in question was a peel and reveal label with a synthetic backing, compatible with the yogurt jars, and capable of being machine applied.


With only a few sample labels to work with, our technical team went about analysing the label substrate to try to match Ann Forshaw’s existing supply. In addition, the team ensured they understood the bottling, over-printing, and label application process fully so that the new peel and reveal label worked through every aspect of the operation. Our origination team even enhanced the label artwork so that the print quality matched the brand perfectly.

As a final quality check, Piroto produced some trial rolls of the yogurt labels to run through the application process so that nothing was left to chance.


We produced a two-layer peel and reveal label for each of the luxury yogurt flavours. The polypropylene label substrate features a non-permanent adhesive on the inside with a corner of deadened adhesive to aid easy peeling.

Since full nutritional information was printed on the inside layer of the peel and reveal label, the outer label looks uncluttered and minimal, completing the luxury feel of the Ann Forshaw brand.

Labels were presented on rolls, with cardboard cores, using a synthetic backing paper. The backing material is perfect for machine applied labels as it prevents snapping during the application process.


With technical expertise, origination skills and experience in manufacturing high quality food labels, the Piroto team was able to recreate and enhance our customer’s peel and reveal label. Specific benefits include:

  • A high specification peel and reveal label, alleviating original supplier issues.
  • A scheduled order arrangement meaning that Piroto will manage their label supply, so they don’t run out or have to store too many labels.
  • A new label supplier that they can trust to meet even the most complex specification with ease.