Metal detectable tags and printer strengthen food traceability

Metal detectable tags and printer strengthen food traceability

‘By providing a combination of customised metal detectable tags, pre-programmed over printers and staff training, we are able to implement a fully operational food traceability labelling system. There’s really no need to hand write traceability tags when a simple standalone printer solution is so easy to set up’

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The Customer

Our customer, a specialist division of a large food manufacturing group, is strongly focused on developing innovative snack foods. They work with the major supermarkets to develop own label products as well as manufacturing under their own brand.

The Customer’s Challenge

Working with all the major supermarkets means that our customer’s traceability labelling system must be second to none. Currently though, operatives are hand writing metal detectable traceability tags; a system that is not only time consuming but also open to error.


With detailed information such as product description, allergens, lot code, stack number and cooking time needing to be recorded on literally hundreds of pre-printed metal detectable tags each day, our customer knew that there must be a better system.

Our Approach

Since Piroto have extensive experience of implementing traceability labelling systems for the food manufacturing sector, it didn’t take us long to identify where significant improvements could be made for our customer. It seemed clear that overprinting traceability tags on site would be a good solution and, since we could provide the whole package ie the metal detectable tags, the standalone printers, database setup and on site operator training, we were clearly in a good position to meet all the customer’s requirements.

What we delivered

We supplied metal detectable traceability tags plus two standalone printers; one for each of the customer’s high care areas.

As part of the package, the standalone printers were loaded with the customer’s database meaning that traceability tags could be overprinted with all the relevant data at the touch of a button. The printers were also set up to automatically print two identical trace tags; one tag being attached to the top of the rack and the second attached to the bottom for full traceability.

Our customer was delighted with the new system and keen to get started with the standalone printers and new metal detectable tags; unfortunately though, they had a large supply of existing traceability tags which they did not want to waste. That being the case, we programmed their printers to accept their existing stock tags in the short term as well as providing a small initial supply of the new tags.

The impact on the customer’s business

By calling on Piroto’s experience in traceability labelling systems our customer was able to implement a new system with ease. They have specifically benefited from:

  • an improved traceability system which is quicker and more accurate thus saving time and money
  •  fully supported standalone printers that are pre-programmed to print the detailed, customised information on trace tags required
  • full training for operatives so they are confident using the standalone printers and metal detectable tags
  • a short-term work around to ensure that they could use up existing tag stocks
  • a stock holding agreement so that their metal detectable tags could be produced in bulk to achieve cost savings, stored at Piroto for convenience and delivered when needed reducing delivery lead times.