Low cost labels are just the job for medicine repackaging specialist

Low cost labels are just the job for medicine repackaging specialist

‘Ultimately the most important thing is that your label or tag is right for the job. When low cost and quality are demanded it’s always a challenge. Happily, it’s a challenge that Piroto willingly strives to meet; trialling and testing different combinations of materials and adhesives for customers.’

The Customer

B&S Group operate in the health sector and amongst other activities, they import and repackage over-the-counter and prescription medicines. They supply the NHS as well as independent pharmacies and wholesale trade.

A family run business for many years; the group prides itself on having the strength and financial discipline of a big company combined with the leanness, agility and warmth of a small company.

The Customer’s Challenge

One of the main activities that B&S undertake is to pick and pack medicines using an automated line. As part of the operation, direct thermal printed carton/delivery labels are automatically applied to the packages as they run through the process.

Part of the B&S strategy is to keep costs of picking and packing to an absolute minimum and therefore every element, including the cost of direct thermal labels, is under constant scrutiny. Likewise B&S understand that label reliability is equally important in order to prevent any costly production line stoppage issues.

Our Approach

Piroto understood the balance that B&S were looking for perfectly well, and set to work to create the highest reliability adhesive labels for the best possible price.

Using our knowledge of different label materials and adhesive properties, and our ready access to a wide range of material suppliers, we selected two different materials to trial.

During the trial there were some concerns over the initial tack of one of the label materials. We identified that because the cartons were recycled board, there was a risk that the printed labels could lift off and get caught on the line and ultimately fall off the pack. The other material, however, performed very well with no such issues.

What we delivered

Following the trial we agreed on the material that performed the best and discussed how we might further maximise cost savings for B&S.

We were delighted to be able to offer additional savings in exchange for a long-term supply of labels on a scheduled order basis. That is, B&S committed to a larger order which will be delivered to them in batches when they needed it.

Part of Piroto’s commitment to our customer is never to change a material without re-testing and agreeing the new material first. B&S can always rely on the fact that their labels will do the job properly and this gave them the confidence to place a long term order with us and reap the cost benefits.

The impact on the customer’s business

By working closely with Piroto, and being clear about what they needed to achieve, B&S were able to meet their objectives on quality and cost. Specifically B&S benefited from:

  • great quality carton labels that were thoroughly tested and fit the brief perfectly
  • low cost thermal direct adhesive labels that they could rely upon
  • further cost saving through committing to a long term supply arrangement
  • scheduled deliveries to ensure they always have a ready supply of labels with no need to store large quantities themselves
  • Piroto’s commitment on quality and agreements never to change a label material or adhesive without testing and agreeing it first.